Sunday, 22 April 2012

Upgrade your FB!!!!

 Just with a few simple steps you can cool UP your facebook account.You are just clicks away from getting a cool new fb account.You can change your fb appearance by changing the skin.We have supply source from all the website we can find.

FB SKIN CHANGING (totally free)

1)the first step to changing your fb skin is to download the 'Stylish' from the Google Chrome Store.
2)After downloading the 'Stylish' open the 'Stylish' that is located at the left corner of your window.
3)Open the 'Stylish' and press the 'find more styles from the site' 
4)Then download any type of style you like.....the download is only 2 minutes or so
5)Lastly enable the style you want and TADAA!!!!FINISH!!!!

for more skins click the link below :


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