Monday, 16 April 2012

Hack Your Friend Facebook/ Twitter

There are several ways you can do to hack your friends password:

1. Ask your friends what their own password to Facebook / Twitter, where he told means you are lucky and your friends that 'Oh!'

2. At a time when your friends want to log on Facebook / Twitter, quick spyware password he wrote without his knowledge, if Hot - your risk.

3. Go to a place that can teach you to read the thoughts of others so that you can read people's minds at a time when he wrote the password to login to Facebook / Twitter.

4. Threats to use weapons to your friends / other people and he told Password, if he is a police report, it is your responsibility.

5. Go into your kitchen to take a knife or drink Baygon so you quickly die, according to people if the person is dead, the soul he knows everything, so you can peek password easily. Again, you bear the risk, do not find me I want to choke it.

6. If all the above methods do not work, then you are less fortunate and loginlah on Facebook / Twitter your own right at ease, my apakejadahnya account login Facebook / Twitter people, right?

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