Tuesday, 31 January 2012

tested - Increase DSL/Cable speed

salam semua..sini aku nk share tweak yg boleh lajukan internet speed..aku guna streamyx 1mbps je tapi bila dh tweak dptla laju sket  slalu buat speedtest dpt average 500-800kbps.bwh ni lps tweak

ada tutorial mcm mana nk buat tapi aku dh buatkn semua file registry tu.ada 2 file registry korg double klik je.aku test kt win7.os lain xtaula cmna.slmt mencuba 

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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Download Internet Download Manager(IDM) 6.08 Build 9 Full Version Plus IDM OPTIMIZER Patch Mediafire Download

Internet Download Manager Version 6.08 Build 9 adds IDM download panel for web-players that can be used to download flash videos from sites like YouTube, MySpaceTV, and Google Videos. It also features complete Windows 7 and Vista support, YouTube grabber, redeveloped scheduler, and MMS protocol support. The new version also adds improved integration for IE and IE based browsers, redesigned and enhanced download engine, the unique advanced integration into all latest browsers, improved toolbar, and a wealth of other improvements and new features.
What's new in version 6.08 build 9?  
- Released: Jan 26, 2012
- Added support for new types of video streaming sites 
How to patch to be full version?
- Install Idman608.exe
- Open folder Patch bY BabelPatcher
- Copy internet.download.manager.v6.08-patch into C: > Program Files > Internet Download Manager
- Exit IDM and then click patch.
- Click IDM Optimizer to improve IDM download speed
- Finish

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Thursday, 26 January 2012


Matematik yang telah saya sediakan adalah berdasarkan pengetahuan dan buku-buku rujukan saya. Mudah-mudahan, ia boleh membantu pelajar untuk memahami dan menjadi tuan dalam mata pelajaran Matematik Tambahan.
Malangnya, terdapat beberapa maklumat yang hilang di dalam modul ini seperti bahagian berlorek dan lain-lain, maka maklumat yang hilang perlu ditambah manually.Those yang ingin menggunakan modul ini untuk rujukan, mereka boleh memuat turun.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Aku Tahu Korunk Pernah Buat Salah Satunya Masa Kecil

1. Buka kipas meja, cakap depan kipas nak dengar suara bertukar.
2. Naik kereta, tengok bulan & ingat bulan ikut kita.
3. Naik basikal,boleh lepas tangan dari 'handle', rasa hebat.

4. Masa sekolah, ada orang bagi milo free, lepas ambil sekali, menyamar jadi orang lain, beratur ambil air lagi.

5. Lukis burung guna huruf 'v'.

6. Lukis matahari di penjuru atas kertas lukisan dan antara bukit.

7. Masa kecil, fikir bentuk hati yang sebenar macam ni --> ♥

8. Tutup peti ais dengan perlahan, sebab nak tengok bila lampu dia mati.

Betul tak? Betul tak? Kalau betul cuba Komen Sikit

Saturday, 21 January 2012

CyberLink PowerDirector 8 Full Version|Mediafire

More powerful and even faster, CyberLink PowerDirector 8 offers more video enhancement and editing tools, designer tools and more timeline tracks to let you create great videos.

PowerDirector 8's suite of design tools—for creating titles, animated objects, and disc menus—now offers a Particle Effects Designer, letting you experiment with movie-like special effects.

Enjoy working with more editing tools such as Reverse, Crop, Speed and Rotate video tools. For precise trimming, retain frame-level control with the patented Zoom-In Cut
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Adobe Illustrator CS5 Lite Portable 173MB Mediafire

System Mechanic performs cleanup, optimization, and privacy protection with equal agility. As with similar tune-up utilities, it enables you to clean up your registry, remove junk files, and customize hidden settings to improve performance. Novice users can get all of that done at once or automatically taken care of via the software's ActiveCare feature. The app has additional tools for removing spyware and for defragmenting your hard drive, eliminating the need for multiple utility programs. 

For example, the Configure Windows Startup tool shows the list of applications and services that automatically start with the computer and allows for disabling or removing them individually. This is a handy tool that replaces the "Software Explorer" part that Microsoft has taken out of the Windows Defender in Windows 7. The program is 32-bit, but it will work with Windows 7 64-bit.
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Advanced System Care Pro 5 Full Version + Serial Number Download|4shared


Advanced System Care Pro 5 Full Version + Serial Number Download|4shared

Advanced SystemCare PRO Edition The World’s Top System Utility for Superior PC Health. Advanced SystemCare PRO (formerly Advanced WinodwsCare Professional) provides an always-on, automated, all-in-one PC Healthcare Service with anti-spyware, privacy protection, performance tune-ups, and system cleaning capabilities. 
This powerful and award-winning precision tool fixes stubborn errors, cleans out clutter, optimizes internet and download speeds, ensures personal security and maintains maximum computer performance automatically.

• Designed for the latest Windows system environment. Gives your PC better speed and reliability
• Powerful Hard Drive Defrag and Optimization
• Next-generation Registry Deep Clean and Optimization
• Automated Working in the Background
• Defends PC Security with Extra Protection
• Quick and Extensive Clean-up for Hard Drives

• Keeps Your PC Running at Peak Performance
• Fixes Multiple System Errors
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salam perkenala...

sy hakeem.. author bru di blog Mr. Maa.. Salam perkenalan smua..
klu ape2 yg sy post ade xkene... isu-isu yg sensitif... tidak suka..
sila btulkan...

eye structure

1.The eye has both internal and external muscles. The internal muscles control focusing and pupil size. The external muscles direct the eyes to the object in mind and keep the image in a constant slight motion.

2.The outer layer of the eye is called the sclera. It is the solid, white and opaque tissue to which the eye muscles are attached. It consists of connective tissue and gives shape to the eye while protecting
its inner tissues. It contains the greater part of the eye and connects with the transparent cornea at the front of the eye.

3.The choroid is the middle layer of the eyeball. It covers the sclera inside the eyeball. The choroid consists of small blood vessels which provide oxygen and nutrients to the outer layers of the retina.

4.The retina is a thin tissue that covers the inner part of the eye. It stretches from the place where the optic nerve enters the eyeball to where the choroid connects with the iris. The retina receives light, and transforms it into nerve impulses that are transported along the optic nerve to the brain, which interprets the images.

5.The optic nerve carries the impulses, or stimuli, generated by the retina towards the brain. The optic nerve contains more than a million nerve fibres. Each nerve fibre can convey several signals to the brain at the same time. At least 50% of all nerve stimuli received by the brain come from the eyes. The place where the optic nerve leaves the eyeball is called the papilla, better known as the blind spot.

6.The blind spot is about one and a half millimetres in diameter and corresponds to the place where the optic nerve leaves the eyeball. Here there is no retina, so both the cones and the rods are not able to produce ad send nerve stimuli to the brain. Therefore light that falls on that spot is not recognised, thus the name, the blind spot.

7.The macula is located in the centre of the retina, close to the blind spot. It is very small but contains a high concentration of cones and is one of the most sensitive part of the retina. By means of it we are able to perceive minute details.

8.The blood vessels bring nutrition and oxygen to the eye.

9.The vitreous body is a clear jelly-like substance, surrounded by a thin membrane. It fills the inner part of the eye and pushes the inner layers of the eye against the outer wall.

10.The ciliary body consist of strong muscles which contracts and relaxes to focus on objects at different distances. When the muscles contract, the lens becomes more convex (bulging or curving outwards), improving the focus for closer objects. When the ciliary muscles relax, it flattens the lens, improving the focus for farther objects. The suspensory ligaments consists of strong fibres that hold the lens in its position.

11.The posterior chamber of the eye is where the aqueous humour (a clear fluid containing nutritional substances for the lens, the cornea and the vitreous humour) is produced. This part of the eye is just behind the iris.

12.The anterior chamber is the space between the cornea and the iris. Because aqueous humor is constantly produced and evacuated, the pressure in the eyeball remains constant.

13.The pupil is the dark opening that is located in the middle of the iris. The pupil controls the amount of light that enters the eye. In bright light, the pupil narrows in order to protect the retina. In lesser light, such as in a dark room, the pupil widens to allow more light to enter the eye.

14.The iris is the coloured part of the eye lying behind the cornea. The colour of the iris is determined by the number of pigment cells. If there are many of these pigments, the iris is usually brown; if there are fewer, the iris is either blue or grey.

15.The cornea is the transparent, clear tissue at the front of the eye. Light enters the eye through the cornea’s wide surface and is directed towards the pupil. Two thirds of the refractive power of the eye is due to the cornea. It contains many nerve ends, therefore it is very sensitive. To avoid drying up, tears are spread by blinking over the surface of the cornea.

16.The crystalline lens is the clear lens which hangs behind the pupil. Together with the cornea it ensures that the light rays entering the eye are concentrated and directed so as to fall exactly on the retina. This is called refraction. The flexibility of the lens enables it to become flatter or steeper, by means of the internal muscle (mentioned above), depending on the distance from the object viewed. This way, an object, whether near or far away, can be seen as a sharp image. The image on the retina is an inverted picture of the object whose light rays are received by the eye.


  1. Pinna                   =the pinna is the outside of your ear that picks up sounds. It might not seem that important but it plays a big role in protecting the inner ear.
  2. Auditory Canal  =Basically, the auditory canal links the outer ear to the ear drum. It carries the vibrations from outer ear to the inner ear.
  3. Eardrum              = The eardrum carries sound vibrations into the body, by vibrating at the same frequency as the sound waves striking it.
  4. Ossicles              = Transmits sounds to the cochlea
  5.  Oval Window    = -( i forgot .... can you all tell me what is the Oval Windows function ???)
  6. Semicircular canals =It is the organ for the sense of balance. If you get a serious ear infection on that organ, you can't stand up straight.
  7. Cochlea                = the sense organ that translates sound into nerve impulses to be sent to the brain.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

AVG Anti Virus 2012 12.0.1901 Build 4695 32 Bit & 64 Bit

Get complete protection from the most dangerous threats on the internet - worms, viruses, trojans, spyware, and adware.Antivirus and antispyware protection for Windows from the world's most trusted security company. Use the Internet with confidence in your home or small office.AVG Antivirus is one of the most complete programs we have found to date. It includes many new options to make it one of the most effective virus scanners on the market. It is still plagued by horrible slowdowns at times. Even things so simple as just typing an IM can be stopped for several seconds for some reason. If you can get passed the occasional slowdowns of your computer, the scanning functionality of AVG Antivirus 8 is top of the line. With the rewrite of the scanning engine, AVG includes multi-processor support. That dual core processor you bought is actually going to start getting a workout now

Download AVG Anti Virus 2012 12.0.1901 Build 4695
32 Bit
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Advanced System Optimizer 3.2.648.11581 Multilingual ( Mediafire )

Advanced System Optimizer 3.2.648.11581 Multilingual 11.59 Mb

Advanced System Optimizer is a system tweaking suite that includes more than 30 tools to improve and tweak your PC`s performance, to keep your system running smoothly, speedily, and error free. It offers an attractive and easy to use interface that organizes all tasks into categories and provides graphical statistics whenever possible. The tools include junk file cleaner, memory optimizer, system information, system files backup, file encryption, safe uninstaller, duplicate file finder, windows transparency manager and much more. Advanced System Optimizer also includes a small SMTP server for direct mail sending, an Internet tracks eraser with cookie manager and secure deletion, and even a desktop sticky notes application. Overall, a great bundle that offers a wide range of system tools, as well as some extras that are not commonly found. 

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PC System Utilities Software Review 



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How to Resume Mediafire Downloads With IDM – Tutorial Remove Cookies Source: How to Resume Mediafire Downloads With IDM – Tutorial Remove Cookies

Let's check it out
you will:
1. Firefox Browser
2. File downloaded from mediafire that interrupted in the middle of download
3. Internet Download Manager

How to Resume Mediafire Downloads With IDM Steps:

1. Open Firefox then click Tools then Options

2. At Options click Privacy Tab then click Remove Individual Cookies
Privacy Tab then click Remove Individual Cookies

 . at Cookies window search for "Mediafire.com" without the quotes
- Highlight all Mediafire cookies then click Remove Cookies then Close then click OK on the Options window

Remove All Cookies
You can also just delete only the UKEY
Remove All Cookies ukey mediafire
4. Now Open IDM then right click on the file you want to resume download then click “Refresh Download Address”.
How to Resume Mediafire Downloads With IDM - Tutorial
5. Click OK.
How to Resume Mediafire Downloads With IDM - refresh download address
6. the next IDM window will appear that says “STOP WAITING” - DO NOT CLICK THAT
7. Firefox will open Mediafire, Now right click on Download TO start Download then click Download with IMD
How to Resume Mediafire Downloads With IDM - Tutorial 1
8. New window will appear that says” New link address for this file was received successfully” then click OK
new link address for this file was received successfully
Now Go to IDM then Resume Download……have fun!

Hide your ip address with fake ip address

Hi there,

Today i want to share a tiny bit of infomation that i get from search engine(GOOGLE) , todays topic is surf anonymously with its software .

Do you feel like surf don't safe /
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10 Tips for Better Grades in Math and PMR EXAM PAPER.

1. Don't just aim for 70%. Aim high and shoot for 100%.
2. When doing your math homework, be neat. It does make a difference.
3. It's not just the answer that counts in math. Much of your grade is based on the intermediate steps in getting to the answer. So show all your work. Your objective should be to convince your teacher that you know how to do the problem.
4. It is important to read over the material in your math text book. Don't just focus on your homework
5. Take notes from lectures, writing them neatly. When you study them, check points you need to review.
6. If you don't understand something, ask your teacher as soon as you can.
6. Watch for summaries within and at the end of assigned chapters.
7. Look for bold face and italic copy. They signify important points to remember.
8. If your homework assignments were just the even numbered questions, then do some of the others in reviewing for a test.
9. Keep up with your class on a daily basis. Try hard not to get behind.
10. Don't take the attitude that you aren't good in math. Have a positive attitude. Think, 'I can do my math and I can get a good grade in math.'

click on picture to download (PMR MATH PAPER )

hack broadband apabila habis quota. Worked !!!

Salam sejahtera ,
Hari ini saya nak share info dan pengalaman yang saya perolehi untuk share hanya untuk ANDA !!!

Cara nya seperti berikut :
1) download ping of death dimana ia akan ping ip address anda untuk kekalkan anda online .
download disini
2) bukak ping of death dan masukkan ip address anda

3) pastikan ip address anda yang 113.211.202.XXX baru boleh buat trick.entah lah juga tapi bila sya dapat ip ni baru boleh hack ni...untuk maxis prepaid broadband yang abis limit juga pun boleh tpi IP kena 113.211.202.XXX ... nak dapat ip nie senang je connect pastu tengok ip kalu tak juga dapat terus disconnect dan try connect balik , tengok-tengok mana tau boleh dapat

nota : jika anda tidak tahu ip anda apa, pergi START>RUN dan taip cmd
pada cmd, taip IPCONFIG/ALL tekan enter
cari broadband anda . Contoh : HUAWEI1762 ADAPTER blaablablabla
perhatikan di IP ADDRESS . contoh
letakkan ip address anda tadi di ping of death dan tekan ping < ping 32 bytes>

trick dan tips berkesan kepada semua broadband di malaysia termasuk maxis broadband,celcom broadband,digi broadband .

tapi trick ini hanya menjadi untuk browsing atau surf sahaja , download still the same, tak menjadi untuk download cuma untuk surf sahaja.

lajukan maxis broadband lepas habis quota,...............


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Speed up utorrent and fast download ever !!!

Have you ever wondered why your direct downloading gives you more speed than your torrents? Do you want to know how to increase the downloading speed? The default settings of any torrent client will always gives you slow downloads because your client doesn’t know which type of connection you have. Every torrent client needs to be tweaked so as to increase the download speed. Today we will show you how to increase your torrent’s speed without using any any complex software, you’ll see the difference in downloading speed.

Here we are using utorrent v1.8 as an exemplary client with a 256k connection. We won’t waste more time, lets start changing the settings.

Connections Pane:

Change Your Network Settings
In Connections pane, Under “Port used for incoming connections”, enter any port number. It is best to use a port number above 10000. Mine is 17590 as shown in the pic.
Randomize Port Each Time Utorrent Start
This option randomizes the port each time utorrent starts, which is highly unnecessary, UNCHECK it.
Enable UPnP Port Mapping And NAT-PMP Port Mapping
If you are manually forwarding your port than keep it UNCHECKED, but if you dont know what port forwarding is or you’re not forwarding the port manually than CHECK it.
Add Utorrent To Windows Firewall Exceptions
UNCHECK it if your windows firewall is disabled, try disabling the Windows firewall whenever using torrents, because Windows firewall literally hates torrents, it won’t allow to increase the speed ever.

Bandwidth Pane:

Global Maximum Number of Connections
This option lets you “the number of connections made to your torrent”, it should not be set too low and not too high either, if you’ll set it too low, the torrent wont be able to connect with seeds and peers, if you set it too high it will cause too much bandwidth wastage. For 256K connection 130 is optimal. for other connections you can calculate it by this formula: upload speed x 80%
Maximum Number of connected peers per torrent
70 (for 256k) is optimal for other connections use this formula: upload speed * 1.3
Number of upload slots per torrent
Optimal setting for 256k connection is 3. To calculate your settings, try this formula: 1 + (upload speed / 6)
Use additional upload slots if upload speed <90%
it should be CHECKED.
Maximum Number Of Download Speed
It may sound interesting not to limit your download speed, but it greatly affects the downloading if set to unlimited. To calculate this setting use:
download speed * 90%

BitTorrent Pane:

Enable DHT Network
Its highly recommended to CHECK this option, it highly improves the speed.
Protocol Encryption
It is recommended to either select FORCED or ENABLE for this option, This can help increase speed in many ISPs.
Enable DHT for new torrents
Enable Peer Exchange
Ask Tracker For Scrape Information
Enable Local Peer Discovery
Limit Local Peer Bandwidth

Advanced Pane:

The default setting in Windows XP for maximum connections is 8 which is not optimal enough for torrents to connect to seeds and peers. The best way to increase the number of half open connections is to increase the value for 8 to 50 to 60, too high or too low will decrease the download speed drastically. We will have to apply a patch too to increase the default value (in Windows XP SP2 only), you can apply the patch from here, this patch will increase the half open connections on OS level.
NOTE: Windows update sometimes revert this setting back to default one, so its better to keep checking every now and then.
Increase the value from default 300 to 600, it also increases the download speed.

TCP Optimizer

Download this free software utility and apply the optimal settings, it will apply the most appropriate setting of your Internet connection. You can download this software from here.

Handling Firewall

If you use any firewall, Go to its Preference or Settings and off its firewall because firewall hate torrent download.
This is important so that you will get anonymously download without drop-in
1) download ultrasurf here
1.1) open ultrasurf and click option , tick DO NOT USE IE 
1.2) click ok and waited it says " successfully connected to server"
2) Open utorrent .
4) at PROXY SERVER type in and PORT type 9666
5) enjoy downloading torrent file
5) At PROXY SERVER select HTTP and type

How To Bypass K9...Tech Support

How do you uninstall or bypass k9 web protection?

100% work....
i spent months trying to see how i could beat but it was inpossible. no simple google searches would worked as i thought they would. finally i saw light at the end of the tunnel...

strangely enough i myself figured out how to uninstall it, i´m gonna walk you and any one comes to this site through it, cause i know how you feel... btw there is no need for USBs or discs. all you need is some time on the computer. its quite simple, basically all you have to do is "almost" erase it and install again but i´m gonna make the steps really specific just incase you´re not good with a computer

1. go to http://www1.k9webprotection.com/ and apply for a license ( just hit "dowload k9 today for free")

when you´ve done that go to your email and click the k9 message. it will give you your license. keep the email site open, or if you want just copy the license to paste it later.

2. We start hacking now!

open this - My pc - local disc c - Program files - Blue coat k9 web protection

in there erase everything you can... yes "can" because it might not let you erase certain things, just erase everything you can but don´t erase the file itself

3. now open this - start - run

in the typing box type "regedit"
go to the blue coat k9 web protection file, again erase everything you can

4. hit Alt+Ctrl+Del
a box should open titled "windows task administrator" or something like that.
(btw if you have a laptop and the keyboard isn´t the same as a desktop, idk how to open "windows task administrator"... look it up or something)

click "proceses" up top
end process "k9filter.exe", at this point you won´t be able to surf the web (the dog will appear saying "k9 web protection not respondng") so make sure you have the email open or just the license copied.

5.open this - start - control panel - add/remove programs

once again... remove "k9 web protection"

6. open your internet browser as i have said the dog will appear saying "k9 web protection is not responding"
at the bottom of the site it will say "click here"... do so

it will take to a support forum link site, nvm that, just click "download k9 today" in the right.
that will take you to the same license site you were earlier, to the left of the site click "download software" it will give you options... click the one corresponding to your computer

the download box will open click "open"
when it has finished downloading close the site

7. A box will appear at the bottom right corner of your screen saying "k9 is not configured"
(if it doesn´t appear ya probably did something wrong, go over the instructions to make sure you did exactly what it said)
click that box
a site will open telling you to apply and verify your k9 password.. do so.
then it will tell you to put the license... do so
then it will take you to a site saying k9 is configured.

and... VOILA!!!! k9 is now yours.. you can change the settings, you can uninstall it if you want, whatever. but now you know that that dog is your *****!


My epic computer skills

Sunday, 15 January 2012

BitDefender Total Security 2012 Build MediaFire Download

 Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 provides a special kind of quiet protection regime "Autopilot": no pop-ups no settings does not interrupt your activity on the computer. In one comprehensive solution integrates antivirus antispam phishing protection firewall and parental controls. In addition the solution protects your Twitter and Facebook accounts on links to malicious Web pages and from privacy threats.

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First Click on the download links
Then Wait for few seconds and then click on

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Malwarebytes.Anti-Malware Pro Final + Keygen


1. Run Installer Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro

2. Update the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro

3. Run RSFAG.exe

4. Go Register

5. Enter User and Serial

6. Finish


Malwarebytes.Anti-Malware Pro Final + Keygen


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