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Ripley you have to believe it!!!!

When someone says the word ‘organisms’, what comes to your mind? Better yet, living organisms? A whole list of things crawl through our minds ranging from small insects to lions and elephants to cats and dogs. There are different categories that come to our minds as well for example, aquatic, docile, wild, carnivorous, herbivorous organisms and etc. We as humans tend to be very ignorant and ignore the ‘not-so-obvious’ details on a daily basis. There are a million things that we do not know of yet and there a million organisms that do exist but we are unaware. This article talks about some weird eccentric organisms that you probably never heard of before and each one of these creatures is very interesting and unique.


Sea Pigs are creatures that are said to be related to sea cucumbers. These organisms are about four inches in length and have about ten tentacles. They don’t exactly swim but rather walk on the ocean floor with the help of their tub like feet. They detect food by its scent. They were named ‘sea pigs’ because of their pinkish skin color highly resembling the pig that we know of. They eat organic particles trapped in the mud which they scrape off with their tentacles.


This particular aquatic organism was discovered a mere seven years ago in 2005 in the Pacific Ocean. It’s called a yeti crab because the hair resembles a mythical creature that you’re probably familiar with; Yeti. These crabs can be found in the hydrothermal vents of the Pacific Ocean. These vents release a toxic liquid that is fatal to your everyday aquatic organisms (most of them). There is not a lot of research available on the yeti crab but there is a theory that says that these crabs might be blind. It is also said that they feed of the toxic liquid that is protruded by the hydro-thermal vents.


You must have seen the viperfish in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’. This particular fish is a deepwater fish and lives in tropical and moderate waters. Its length can vary from one to two feet and can be found swimming in waters that are 250 to 5000 feet deep. It might look frightening at first sight but the poor thing is a very usual prey for sharks and, believe it or not, dolphins. The viperfish can live for a whopping forty years and considering the head to teeth ratio; this one has the biggest and therefore holds the record for it.


This crab is said to be the biggest crab in the whole world with about eight legs. It is found swimming in waters that are 150 to 800 meters deep. The crab has a leg span of 3.6 meters and can be found on the southern coasts of the Japanese Island Honshu.  The Japanese Spider Crab is said to be able to live around a hundred years and they usually feed of animal carcasses and plants. You could almost compare them with vultures.


This creature is found in the Atlantic Ocean and it exists as deep as 7,020 feet. This particular organism might seem quite alien. That’s because it lives in the pitch black of the oceans. It is said that that isopod has stayed the same way for the past 130 million years and nothing about its appearance has changed. The giant isopod can grow up to fourteen inches in length and thirty inches in height. Interestingly enough it has four sets of jaws. It can survive without food for more than eight weeks and usually feeds on dead whales and fish.


It is said that the salamander has stayed the same for the past 30 million years and it is also the biggest salamander in the world right now. It can be found in the lakes of china. It can grow up to 73 inches in length and has an impressive life-span of eighty years. The salamander has a poor eye-sight so it basically uses its other senses to detect prey. The Chinese Giant Salamander is a nocturnal creature and feeds on crabs, fish, frogs and shrimps etc.

4. OLM

This is snake-like amphibian which can live in the ocean and on the land. It is about eight to twelve inches in length. An Olm is very fragile as can be judged in the picture as well. The skin texture and color resembles that of humans. The Olm too does not have a very strong vision so it depends on the sense of smell and hearing to survive.


This is a funny name but if you look at the thing it makes sense. It is found in the Okhotsk and Bering seas in the Northern Pacific. This particular fish can grow about seven inches in length and has an average life-span of 56 years. It usually feeds on squids, worms and shrimps. It is a scary looking creature; I for one wouldn’t dare go near it.


You can find this fish swimming in waters that are 300 to 1000 feet deep in basically any ocean of the world. The king usually remains in the deep waters and the rare times when it surfaces it usually dies. The fish can reach around 16 feet in length and you know that myth that says there are giant sea serpents? It is said that those rumors might have branched off the Kings.


This is one cute and cuddly thing. It is a domestic rabbit that is bred for the purposes of achieving soft wool. The origin of this particular creature is from Angora, Turkey. They can live up to seven years so you can even keep them as pet. There are five different types of the Angora Rabbit including English, German, Giant, French and Satin. They can weigh up to 12 pounds and because of their fluffiness they look very attractive. I actually find all the types of rabbits cute, doesn’t have to be fluffy. Oh, you can think of this one as a Persian Rabbit as in Persian Cat.

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