Tuesday, 17 January 2012

How To Bypass K9...Tech Support

How do you uninstall or bypass k9 web protection?

100% work....
i spent months trying to see how i could beat but it was inpossible. no simple google searches would worked as i thought they would. finally i saw light at the end of the tunnel...

strangely enough i myself figured out how to uninstall it, i´m gonna walk you and any one comes to this site through it, cause i know how you feel... btw there is no need for USBs or discs. all you need is some time on the computer. its quite simple, basically all you have to do is "almost" erase it and install again but i´m gonna make the steps really specific just incase you´re not good with a computer

1. go to http://www1.k9webprotection.com/ and apply for a license ( just hit "dowload k9 today for free")

when you´ve done that go to your email and click the k9 message. it will give you your license. keep the email site open, or if you want just copy the license to paste it later.

2. We start hacking now!

open this - My pc - local disc c - Program files - Blue coat k9 web protection

in there erase everything you can... yes "can" because it might not let you erase certain things, just erase everything you can but don´t erase the file itself

3. now open this - start - run

in the typing box type "regedit"
go to the blue coat k9 web protection file, again erase everything you can

4. hit Alt+Ctrl+Del
a box should open titled "windows task administrator" or something like that.
(btw if you have a laptop and the keyboard isn´t the same as a desktop, idk how to open "windows task administrator"... look it up or something)

click "proceses" up top
end process "k9filter.exe", at this point you won´t be able to surf the web (the dog will appear saying "k9 web protection not respondng") so make sure you have the email open or just the license copied.

5.open this - start - control panel - add/remove programs

once again... remove "k9 web protection"

6. open your internet browser as i have said the dog will appear saying "k9 web protection is not responding"
at the bottom of the site it will say "click here"... do so

it will take to a support forum link site, nvm that, just click "download k9 today" in the right.
that will take you to the same license site you were earlier, to the left of the site click "download software" it will give you options... click the one corresponding to your computer

the download box will open click "open"
when it has finished downloading close the site

7. A box will appear at the bottom right corner of your screen saying "k9 is not configured"
(if it doesn´t appear ya probably did something wrong, go over the instructions to make sure you did exactly what it said)
click that box
a site will open telling you to apply and verify your k9 password.. do so.
then it will tell you to put the license... do so
then it will take you to a site saying k9 is configured.

and... VOILA!!!! k9 is now yours.. you can change the settings, you can uninstall it if you want, whatever. but now you know that that dog is your *****!


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