Monday, 5 March 2012

Things to Avoid for men

Things to Avoid

High Temperatures
The body is 37 degrees celcius. Sperm functions best at 32 degrees celcius. 
Long distance driving or sitting, hot baths, saunas, hot tubs, tight fitting underwear, and athletic support straps, all can raise the temperature of the scrotum, thus 'cooking' the sperm. 

Blood gets routed by all means to vital organs for survival such as the lungs, heart, and brain in times of stress. Obviously the testes are malnourished when the body is under constant stress.

Take a breath, if you stop now, most damage done by drinking will be repaired naturally.
Alcohol interferes with the secretion of testosterone, speeds up the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, lowers sperm count and

sex drive.
The breakdown product of alcohol in the body is acetaldehyde, which is toxic to sperm.

Smoking and Male Fertility
Smoking increases the number of free radicals in the body which do damage to many cells. It reduces sperm count and motility, and increases the number of abnormally shaped sperm.
Free radicals that are said to be responsible for 40 percent of sperm damage can be battled with antioxidants such as vitamin C, E, beta-carotene, selenium, zinc, blackberries, blueberries, garlic, kale, strawberries, brussels sprouts, plums, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli, red peppers, grapeseed extract, and pine bark extract.

Aside from the many prescription drugs that effect fertility, the chemical ingredient in Marijuana is very closely related to testosterone, therefore the body will produce less of the male hormone. It builds up in the testes lowering libido, causing impotence, and sometimes sexual anxiety. The effects of cocaine are similar in some aspects.

May impair sperm production, cause chromosomal abnormalities, and effect sperm motility.

Medical Problems
Hernia surgery, tubule infection, chlamydia, or mumps may effect sperm count. Diabetes can also have detrimental effects on male fertility.

Yes, it is good for you, although, excessive amounts that punish the body may lower sperm count and temporarily reduce testosterone production.

Toxins and Pollutants
Pesticides and heavy metals are terrible for sperm. Since the start of the use of pesticides since World War II, male sperm counts have plummited. Note: pesticides are designed to disrupt the reproductive cycle of the insect, fungus, or weed it is trying to kill! I think there may be a corelation here. Eat Organic! Also watch exposure to X-rays, solvents, paint products, and toxic metals.

Environmental Estrogens
The meat we eat is filled with hormones, unless it is organic. Estrogens are now found in our drinking water. Plastics also give off estrogens. Do not microwave plastic, and try to drink from glass containers. If you are drinking water from a plastic bottle, try to limit its exposure to the sun.

keep your sperm healthy

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