Sunday, 5 February 2012

Increase Internet Speed by Hack IP

Hye, today I wanted to share some tips to increase your internet speed. These few days, my internet speed is quite slow, I've been downloading manga and anime and so I search for some tips to increase internet speed. Then I found it. Well, I forgot where the source and the name of it, so I just named it "Hack IP" =D

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1. Right click on you desktop and select NEW SHORTCUT.
2. Type these code: c:\windows\system32\ping YOURIPADDRESS -t
3. Change YOURIPADDRESS with your IP.
    Example c:\windows\system32\ping -t
4. Click next and finish.
5. Done! =D

Ok, just a simple tips.. It totally works! Well, my internet speed somehow increase a bit. Nice... =D


Ok, from the comment below, Arenyss requested to teach how to get IP Address. So here's how you get it.

1. Open start menu and click "Connect to".
2. Then, right on the network and choose "Status"

3. Then click on "Details" and you will find your IP Address.


Ok, MagikaKotak requested to show differences before and after the hack. Source from

 Before Hack

After Hack
I'm not sure but it seems the speed increase a bit. It's not much but okay. =D

Credit To :


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