Thursday, 23 February 2012

Improving Performance of Windows 7

Windows 7 is the latest product from microsoft windows. By default windows 7 offers many features that are not needed by the user's desktop computer (individual). If the features that are not too important is disabled or turned off, then it could further improve the performance of windows 7. What we discuss here is not upgrade the hardware, but configuring the software windows.Karena if it is to upgrade computer hardware costs, while on the other hand for those who do not have the cost of upgrades, can improve the performance of windows with slightly modify the default configuration.

Here are some tips to speed up / improve performance windows 7:

1. Disable / turn off unnecessary Windows services, such as:
-Turn off autoplay / autorun in windows 7
Uninstalling Tablet-PC components in Windows 7
-Turn off (disable) the automatic update in windows 7
-Speed ​​up menu display in windows 7 start menu
-Turn off (disable) telephony service in windows 7
-Turn off (disable) the fax service in windows 7
-Turn off (disable) error reporting windows 7..etc.
2. Adding virtual memory windows.
3. If the size of a large hard drive, preferably for disk space into multiple sections through the disk partition.
4. Do scandisk and defrag using the disk defragmenter regularly. By doing a scandisk and defrag on a regular basis can help windows mark the sectors and clusters are good and damaged in the hard disk space, and windows can help sort and classify data stored on hard drives like file system, files, applications, and data files to better suit with the needs of the system so that more accessible by windows.
5. Cleaning the windows junk files, such as deleting temporary files, windows prefetch files, clean up the corrupted registry files (error), delete the thumbnail cache explorer,
6. Scan viruses and adware, malware and spyware and do not forget to regularly update antivirus offline and online.
7. Install the application to taste..etc.
Good luck!

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